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Bankruptcy attorney with many years of practice in the Michigan bankruptcy courts


Victor P. Valentino, PC has extensive experience in Michigan bankruptcy law. He has filed hundreds of bankruptcies in the Eastern District of Michigan bankruptcy court. Attorney Victor P. Valentino attends seminars on a regular basis to stay informed about ongoing changes in Michigan law, as well as the revised federal bankruptcy code.


Bankruptcy counseling


Victor P. Valentino analyzes your financial situation and determines whether bankruptcy is your best option.


Credit counseling


Michigan law requires that you receive credit counseling before filing a bankruptcy petition. Victor P. Valentino refers you to an independent credit counseling agency that has been selected and approved by the federal bankruptcy trustee's office.


Stopping creditor harassment


Once Victor P. Valentino determines that bankruptcy is right for you, he moves swiftly to file the petition so that you receive an automatic stay. This action immediately stops your creditors from pursuing your debts any further, pending resolution of your bankruptcy case.


Read more about how bankruptcy laws can affect your small business and individuals' personal bankruptcy.


Michigan Chapter 7 bankruptcy


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a way to eliminate your unsecured debt. Victor P. Valentino maximizes your bankruptcy exemptions so you can keep your assets. After you receive your discharge, you are nearly debt-free and you can get a fresh start. You may even have an increased credit score.


Means test


After we have determined together that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you, we make sure that you will pass the means test. You must show that you do not earn more than the median income in Michigan. If your income is too high, our Detroit bankruptcy lawyer works with you to identify allowable deductions from your income to help you pass the means test.


Exempt property in bankruptcy


Certain property is exempt from liquidation in bankruptcy and cannot be taken from you. You can use the Michigan bankruptcy exemptions or the federal bankruptcy exemptions. Our bankruptcy law firm advises you which exemption scheme is better for your situation.


Michigan Chapter 13 bankruptcy


Victor P. Valentino may recommend filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also called a wage earner's bankruptcy.


Structured repayment plan


In a Michigan Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, we present the bankruptcy court with a three- to five-year debt repayment schedule. When your petition is accepted, your creditors are obliged to accept the terms of the repayment plan. You do not lose any of your assets if you successfully complete your payments.


Disposable income and debt limits


You must have a verifiable source of income for your Chapter 13 petition to be accepted. There are also limits on the amount of debt that can be discharged. Our bankruptcy law firm helps you determine whether your financial situation is suited for a structured repayment plan under a Michigan Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Trust a Michigan bankruptcy law firm with over two decades of experience


Victor P. Valentino provides thorough, effective legal assistance with civil litigation, workers compensation, bankruptcy, personal injury and insurance law to residents of the Detroit Tri-County area. With offices located in Bloomfield Hills, he is well-positioned to assist clients in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Genesee Counties, including the Bloomfield, Pontiac, Waterford, Clarkston and White Lake areas.


We understand that bankruptcy is a major disruption in your life, and we work to minimize the burden for you. Our office staff helps you fill out all of the paperwork and assists you with obtaining the documents needed for filing bankruptcy. We charge a low flat fee for our complete bankruptcy services—and only $300 to initiate the bankruptcy process.


To arrange your free consultation with a Southeastern Michigan bankruptcy lawyer, contact the Valentino Law Firm in Metro Detroit at 248-334-5340.


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